Mail Order Solar Kits – Half the Price – Half the Story

Occasionally we get inquiries for solar installation where the customer has a “little” knowledge (I use that term loosely) on solar equipment, and not much else.  For this example I’ll call the customer “Nat”.  Nat contacted us for a price for solar installed on her home.  After a look at her roof and utility usage Read more about Mail Order Solar Kits – Half the Price – Half the Story[…]

Leasing Locusts

Just like the locust plagues in biblical times we now are now experiencing a solar leasing plague of biblical proportions in Louisiana.  As I write this the first of several local solar leasing companies are going down.  It’s the tip of the iceberg.  Speaking of the tip of the iceberg, read this news article from WDSU: This first Read more about Leasing Locusts[…]

GridZero Instead of Grid-tie

  Grid-tie solar power systems have gained popularity in America (and Louisiana) in the last 10 years as a result of “Net Metering” legislation, state by state.  Now we are seeing “push back” from the utilities due to the rapid increase of solar installations.  If you hadn’t heard, Net Metering, has been blocked by several utilities Read more about GridZero Instead of Grid-tie[…]

Our Solar Code of Ethics

Why is it important for a solar company to follow a National Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct?  Professional standards are the norm in respected professions like medical, law, accounting, architecture, etc.  Not only do these professions require education, certification and continuing education, they require the following of a Code of Ethics. NABCEP (North American Board Read more about Our Solar Code of Ethics[…]

Stalemate at the PSC – Report from Foster Campbell’s Office

Stalemate at the PSC – Report from Foster Campbell’s Office The stalemate over solar power and net-energy metering continues at the Louisiana Public Service Commission.  For nearly a year, commissioners have delayed discussion of a proposal by District 3 Commissioner Lambert Boissiere, D-New Orleans, to require electric utilities to receive certification from the PSC that Read more about Stalemate at the PSC – Report from Foster Campbell’s Office[…]