6.6kW Residence- Gonzales, LA

This customer had just bought a brand new home, and was interested in going solar to decrease the cost of his utility bills. This 6.6kW GT roof mount for his home in Gonzales, LA  offsets just under 50% of his energy usage, and with SMA’s unique feature, the Secure Power Supply (only available to the SMA SB3000TL-US, SMA SB4000TL-US, and SMA SB5000TL-US inverters) installed on his inverters, our customer is able to run a small load off of the 110V outlets as long as the sun is our and the grid is down.

6.6kW Gonzales, LA (2)

6.6kW Inverters Gonzales, LA

Details: 6.6kW Grid Tied Only, Installation Completed March 2014

24– SolarWorld 275watt Modules
2 -SMA SB3000TL-US Inverters with the SMA’s Secure Power Supply feature