The Future of Net Metering in Louisiana

The future of net metering in Louisiana has been in turmoil now for two years.  Unfortunately for solar, a couple of our Public Service Commissioners decided that our 0.5% net metering threshold (a point to review how its working), became a hard cap.  It doesn’t matter that it is unreasonable.  California is where we look for the future Read more about The Future of Net Metering in Louisiana[…]

Beware – Scammers Packaging Solar With Energy Efficiency

  I will be the first to recommend combining energy efficiency with solar to lower your electric bill.  However there is a difference between the two.  Solar comes with hefty tax credits (currently 80%) to lower the initial cost.  Energy efficiency improvements do not receive a tax credit. If a company offers to combine these Read more about Beware – Scammers Packaging Solar With Energy Efficiency[…]

Review: Efficient Solar is Not What You Want

Do you want efficient solar?  It’s the energy yield, not the efficiency, that matters the most.  Often newbies, shopping for solar, don’t have much to compare one solar module to another so they look at “watts” and “efficiency”.  Unfortunately it’s not that easy.  Efficiency is only the watts divided by the square feet.  I am Read more about Review: Efficient Solar is Not What You Want[…]

Do-It-Yourself Solar in Louisiana – Dangerous and Costly?

This article is the second in a series of do-it-yourself nightmare stories that I share with you to help you consider the other side of home solar installation.  If you haven’t read “part 1”, I recommend you do it first.  It can be found HERE. When technically intelligent homeowners consider solar they typically browse the Read more about Do-It-Yourself Solar in Louisiana – Dangerous and Costly?[…]

Minnesota grid can handle up to 40% renewables – why can’t LA?

12/3/14 – Minnesota grid can handle up to 40% renewables so why can Louisiana only take 0.5% (one half of one percent).  Is their wire better than ours or is it something else? Read about it here:   ISO Study Finds Minnesota Can Accommodate Up To 40% Renewables PenetrationSI Staff, Wednesday 26 November 2014 – 11:31:39 Read more about Minnesota grid can handle up to 40% renewables – why can’t LA?[…]

Solar Advocate Campaign Manager Firebombed

When you have to deal with politics sometimes it gets dangerous.  On Wednesday, the day after the election, someone bombed Forest Wrights campaign finance managers cars and house.  Forest ran against, and got more votes in the primary election than the utility supported candidate, Eric Skrmetta. Check it out…

Tornado hits solar powered home

Monroe, LA A reported tornado touched down in Monroe Monday creating widespread damage.  One of the homes struck was a customer of ours with a 6.76 kw SolarWorld solar power system that we sold them last year.  Even though 100 year old oaks were uprooted in their yard and the roof damaged, the SolarWorld panels, along with the Read more about Tornado hits solar powered home[…]

Historical Lincoln Theater Now Has Solar

Baton Rouge, LA – The historical Lincoln Theater now has solar power with an off-grid, completely self-contained solar power system to run it’s new air circulation system.  The theater, owned now by the Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame, is undergoing renovations in stages.  Gulf South Solar was selected to design and install a solar power system Read more about Historical Lincoln Theater Now Has Solar[…]