The Sky is Falling – The Sky is Falling – The 30% tariff

Well actually it isn’t.  The people that are pushing “The sky is falling” agenda are none other than the China influenced SEIA group.  True, if Chinese modules have tariffs applied to their import into the USA then their price will be slightly higher.  Please keep it in mind that it has already been proven that Read more about The Sky is Falling – The Sky is Falling – The 30% tariff[…]

GoodBye SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association)

(Originally published on 2/14/2014 – ALMOST FOUR YEARS AGO – Now listen to the spin today (1/22/18) that Trump is going to kill the solar industry! – Who do you think is promoting this nonsense? – Chinese cell manufacturers!) I was SEIA’s first, and for a long time, only Louisiana member.  We know who to support Read more about GoodBye SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association)[…]

They Put it Where? (part 2)

Continued from – Inexperienced “Solar Installers” Have No Clue! (part 1) After a few years of experience every installer should know better, however it is becoming apparent that some installers are missing basic design concepts.  Systems must be designed and installed properly in order for them to last and produce the power they are supposed to.  The following images were found on actual Read more about They Put it Where? (part 2)[…]

Solar Shingles in Louisiana – You Decide

Solar Shingles have always been the buzz among the “solar curious” crowd.  Just say the word in a crowded room and watch it go silent and then someone says, “did you say solar shingles?’.  When someone hears you are a solar installer they will typically ask if you ever heard of solar shingles. Everybody has heard of them but Read more about Solar Shingles in Louisiana – You Decide[…]

Do-It-Yourself Solar in Louisiana – Maybe Not

We get inquiries for solar installation where the customer wants to install the solar power system themselves because they “want to save money”, or “like to work with their hands” or “have a technical background”.  I would like to share with you my response to this: “Hi Eager, Thrifty, Hands-on type of person, Thanks for Read more about Do-It-Yourself Solar in Louisiana – Maybe Not[…]

Solar Air Conditioning in Louisiana – Maybe Not

If ever there was someone that wanted Solar Air Conditioning in Louisiana it is me.  I have been following the subject for 15 years and must report I still don’t have it.  The problem is “solar air conditioning is still in the “experimental” stages.  While I have followed every technology development, it’s still not there.  If you are in Read more about Solar Air Conditioning in Louisiana – Maybe Not[…]

Mail Order Solar Kits – Half the Price – Half the Story

Occasionally we get inquiries for solar installation where the customer has a “little” knowledge (I use that term loosely) on solar equipment, and not much else.  For this example I’ll call the customer “Nat”.  Nat contacted us for a price for solar installed on her home.  After a look at her roof and utility usage Read more about Mail Order Solar Kits – Half the Price – Half the Story[…]

Our Solar Code of Ethics

Why is it important for a solar company to follow a National Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct?  Professional standards are the norm in respected professions like medical, law, accounting, architecture, etc.  Not only do these professions require education, certification and continuing education, they require the following of a Code of Ethics. NABCEP (North American Board Read more about Our Solar Code of Ethics[…]

DHH and Solar Hot Water

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) and their PROHIBITED solar water heaters? When the first DHH “Letter of Intent” came out in 2010 it almost completely eliminated the sale and installation of Solar Thermal water heaters in the state of Louisiana.  The restrictions were so bad that people actually stopped installing them.  This Read more about DHH and Solar Hot Water[…]

LPSC and the Net Metering Cap

November 25, 2015 – Entergy joins the 3 little Co-ops in “claiming” they have reached a 0.5% threshold, now referred to as the “cap” on Net Metering and is cutting it off on 1/1/2016.  Read more here:   For more background read here:  Another Wasted Solar Day.  My recap of an LPSC (Louisiana Public Read more about LPSC and the Net Metering Cap[…]

 AC Coupling with Outback Inverters

Many times when designing systems we end up with “in-between” sizes as we match the customer’s available roof space, power requirements, inverters and budget.  If the grid-tied,  battery backup system design calls for 10kw and the inverters come in 8kw increments (like the  Radians) the system will either be under or oversized.  This is the Read more about  AC Coupling with Outback Inverters[…]