AC Coupling with Outback Inverters

Many times when designing systems we end up with “in-between” sizes as we match the customer’s available roof space, power requirements, inverters and budget.  If the grid-tied,  battery backup system design calls for 10kw and the inverters come in 8kw increments (like the  Radians) the system will either be under or oversized.  This is the Read more about  AC Coupling with Outback Inverters[…]

New Solar Companies Make Dangerous Mistakes!

In previous articles I’ve told you about installers that put solar on the wrong roofs (which completely destroys your payback time).  I’ve covered “lessons learned” as well, but this time I wanted to address downright dangerous things we saw this week at another company installation.  Not coincidentally, a familiar contractor name came back up. The typical Read more about New Solar Companies Make Dangerous Mistakes![…]