I Want to Get Off the Grid!

Typically we get the calls in September right after the hottest month in Louisiana, which is August.  They start by announcing “I want to get off the grid!”  99% of these people actually mean something totally different than what they are saying.  When we ask them why they typically say “I just got my August electric bill in and Read more about I Want to Get Off the Grid![…]

The Louisiana Solar Tour 2015

The Louisiana Solar Tour 2015 By Jeff Shaw Everyone that took the Louisiana Solar Tour 2015 seemed to love it.  Our Louisiana Solar Energy Society (LSES) tour was held in conjunction with the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) National Solar Tour.  This makes 15th year that Louisiana homes have been open for the “solar curious” and “solar wanna-be’s” to connect Read more about The Louisiana Solar Tour 2015[…]

GridZero Instead of Grid-tie

  Grid-tie solar power systems have gained popularity in America (and Louisiana) in the last 10 years as a result of “Net Metering” legislation, state by state.  Now we are seeing “push back” from the utilities due to the rapid increase of solar installations.  If you hadn’t heard, Net Metering, has been blocked by several utilities Read more about GridZero Instead of Grid-tie[…]

Hailstorms & Break-dancing

SolarWorld and Hailstorms (& Break-dancing) Watch this short video on the worst hailstorm ever!  I was able to visit the factory in Hillsboro, OR, and perform the same test myself with 1″ hailstones at 250 MPH!!!  No damage at all to the SolarWorld Modules. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6v2lDa8Hos&feature=youtu.be I personally got to fire my own hailstones at the Read more about Hailstorms & Break-dancing[…]


[Charge Controllers]  [Battery enclosures]  [Inverters]  [Batteries] Solar modules are secured in place by specially designed brackets called solar mounts.  These systems, when designed properly can withstand the hurricane force winds that we experience in the gulf south.  Mounting systems are available for roof, pole, and ground mounted arrays. Depending on your unique situation, Gulf South Solar will determine Read more about Mounts[…]

Commercial Solar Installation

Benefits of Commercial Solar Protect against rising utility rates Reduce operating costs Backup of critical loads Long term reliability Low maintenance Good return on investment 30% Federal tax credit Eco friendly Why should your business invest in solar? By investing in solar electric systems, businesses gain control over their energy costs while helping to reduce their carbon Read more about Commercial Solar Installation[…]

System Types

Grid-Tied Grid-tied solar lowers your electric bills by simply generating green electricity when the sun shines.  It reduces the amount you’re charged by your utility, using what you produce first, and any excess you generate is credited to you for later use.  These systems turn off when the power goes down.  This is what the majority of Read more about System Types[…]

Clean Energy is our Passion

Clean Energy is our Passion Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Gulf South Solar is the leading solar provider for Louisiana and the Gulf South. GSS has been installing custom, high-quality solar systems (with and without battery storage) since 2003.  We distribute, design, sell, service, maintain and install solar PV (photovoltaic) for both residential and commercial Read more about Clean Energy is our Passion[…]