Solar Tax Credits help pay for your system in the Gulf South!

Not only have the prices fallen drastically for SOLAR POWER in the last few years, there is still a TAX CREDIT that pays you to install solar! Don’t wait too long as they will be going away, but TODAY you can get a 22% TAX CREDIT for your whole system. Check this out:

Louisiana Solar Tax Credits 2016

From the Associated Press: No more: Louisiana’s Department of Revenue says homeowners have applied for more solar energy tax credits this year than the three-year program can cover. The Associated Press reports the 2015 Legislature passed the program, with limits of $10 million for each of the first two years and a $5 million cap for Read more about Louisiana Solar Tax Credits 2016[…]

Update on the 2015 Solar Tax Credit Changes

Updated 10/22/15 It is official.  (Signed by the governor on 6/19/15) (originally posted here 6/17/15) 1. HB779 is law – The systems installed after 7/1/15 may get a maximum $10k tax credit (down from $12,500).  “May” is because of #2. 2. The annual tax credit is capped at $10 million per fiscal year for systems sold that calendar year.  There is Read more about Update on the 2015 Solar Tax Credit Changes[…]

How the State Tax Credit Ruined Solar in Louisiana

In 2008, the 50% state tax credit kick-started the solar industry in Louisiana. It made solar affordable for the average Joe and changed the way people thought about investing in solar energy. Before 2008, there were many people investing in solar for the RIGHT reasons; environmental, sustainability, battery backup for emergencies, rising cost of electricity, peace Read more about How the State Tax Credit Ruined Solar in Louisiana[…]