PV 103: AIA Solar Design Course

PV 103 – AIA Solar Design Course

Bringing Solar Power into Single and Multi-Family Residential

This course will cover the different types of solar power systems, the advantages and disadvantages of each, equipment sizing and locations and how to provide adequate space for solar arrays or solar laminate roofing. Also covered will be space requirements for the solar power inverters and battery banks if included.

For an excellent opportunity in today’s changing times and sustainable mind frame, learn “the rules” of solar so you can bend them to fit your designs, and use them to move the market! Gain the knowledge and see what incentives are available for the technology. (take care of those CEH requirements)

DATE:   TBA (Bi-annual) Check with AIABR
TIME: 9am-12:30pm

Gulf South Solar

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Before Registration Deadline:  $95 / AIA Members  – $135 / Non-Members
After Registration Deadline:   $125 / AIA Members – $155/Non-Members

For detailed course description, registration form or more information please contact Kathleen at kathleen@aiabr.com.