Save the solar tax credit

Do your part to save the solar tax credit!

If you heard that the Louisiana Solar Tax credits are about to end July 1, then you heard what will happen if Representative Ted James House Bill 510 passes.

If you want that to happen, then do nothing.  If you want to help save the solar tax credit for a little longer give us a hand this weekend.

Call, email, fax, or visit with your state representative this weekend.  Tell them to save the solar tax credit while still saving the state millions.

We support the Ponti Bill – House Bill 779 and you should too.  True, it cuts our solar tax credit 20% but is supported by the solar industry to help the state budget by saving 50 million dollars!

An alternate bill, House Bill 817, would be an option if the Ponti Bill is not approved.  It keeps the tax credit but only saves the state 11 million dollars.  It would be ok, but not the best for the state budget.

Ponti’s HB 779 saves the state 4.5 times more money.

You pick.  Do nothing and your representative won’t know what you want.  Tell them, and they will.



Jeff Shaw – Owner

Gulf South Solar