Emergency Preparedness – Backup That Pays For Itself


How Do You Keep Your Home or Business Going When The Lights Go Out?

KATRINA-trackDuring a power outage many home and business owners are faced with evacuating.  Companies have to send employees home losing valuable revenue and time.   Homeowners are in the dark with none of the basic systems running.  If you own a generator for backup power you hope that it starts and runs.  If it is a natural gas generator you face a hefty gas bill.  If it runs on gasoline, there is the problem of fuel storage.  Meanwhile, business slams to a halt.  Other concerns are damage to electronics and generator maintenance costs.

How Can Solar Provide Emergency Backup Power?

Many facilities globally are completely off-grid and rely on solar energy for all of their power and not just temporary outages..  Solar can provide utility grade power clean enough for the most sensitive of electronics.  In addition, the solar electronics we install have built-in automatic transfer switches which keeps the lights from even blinking.  Our systems can provide 120/240 VAC and also 3-phase power ranging from 3kw—80kw.

I have solar with no Battery Backup – Can you help?

YES!  We do it all the time.  90% of solar systems installed today have no battery backup.  When the lights go out, so do you.  Let us fix that.  We can add battery backup to your existing solar power system.  Have Enphase?  No problem.  We can do yours too.  Do you like the new Tesla Powerwall?  We can get you that when it comes out – or something better that is available now.

How Can Solar Pay For Itself?


Unlike generators that cost money when sitting idle, solar backup power systems produce power anytime the sun is shining.  The excess power is returned to the utility where you are credited for the power you produce.  This “net-metering” arrangement lowers your utility bills while the system stays ready to power your emergency circuits when the power goes out.  It’s the best of both worlds.

What Is The Cost?

Solar power backup systems are made even more affordable with the 30% Federal Tax Credit on the total installed cost of the system.  Some State tax credit money may be available, so ask us.

Let our experienced, certified solar installers design a solution to fit your specific aesthetic and functional needs that will provide you safety and security with backup power and lower your bills.  Save money and the environment — go with solar power.

Case Study

radianGulf South Solar’s offices off College Drive have had a solar power backup system in place for quite a while.  Our building has experienced multiple outages caused by storms, hurricanes, digging accidents and even a wreck on College Drive.  Our solar backup system is wired to automatically backup the systems necessary to keep us operational.  Having solar power for our servers, phones, alarm, lights, etc. has made life easier for us when outages occur.  It is also removable if we decide to relocate or outgrow our facility.

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