Entergy Ends Net Metering in LA

They’ve Done it Now – Entergy Ends Net Metering in LA

by Jeff Shaw  11/25/15

sm0822pipe 1 KURDZUKAs quietly as possible, in a 1:30 PM afternoon email on the day before Thanksgiving, Entergy announces that they will no longer give full credit for solar power returned to them from solar customers.  The change takes place on January 1, 2016 for all new customers.  This was based on the most recent LPSC meeting vote (3-2) on 11/18/15 to accept the Administrative Law Judge recommendation from 3/17/15 which approved the LPSC staff calculations of Net Metering.  Despite simple proof that I provided showing that they were wrong, they approved it anyway.

This proves that:
1. Utilities hate solar because they can’t figure out how to make money on it.
2. Some LPSC members vote for what the utilities want, because the utilities contribute to them.
3. Regardless what the overwhelming majority of people wanted, they were overruled.

This means that:
1. The Louisiana law that I wrote in 2003 which started solar adoption here has been overturned.
2. This was done by the LPSC without any Legislative direction to do so.
3. It is following a nationwide trend by utilities to stop solar.

Here’s the official details:  (click to enlarge and read)

entergy net metering end