Solar Financing

solar financingGET YOUR SOLAR AT NO COST FOR 12 MONTHS!!!   You seriously get 12 months of free solar, lower electric bills and all your tax credits BEFORE you have to pay for your SOLAR.  Just mention you want the 12 month SAC deal.

Gulf South Solar offers no-money-down, solar financing for your solar installation. You OWN your system outright from day one.  Even with the drop in price of solar, the upfront costs have been a roadblock to many homeowners who want to invest in renewable energy for their homes. Now, you have the option to buy your solar power systems with our “same as cash” flex loan.

A “no interest, 12 months flex loan” from us allows you to have your system installed without having to come out of pocket for the initial expense.  You are able to have time to get your tax credits before having to pay for it.  With this program you can reap the benefits of your energy production (lower or eliminated bills) now as well as receive your tax credits later.  Don’t put off getting solar any longer.  Let us show you how. or call 225-932-0035.



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