Green Bean Cafe

green bean cafe

IMG_2829The Green Bean Cafe is our eco-friendly, solar powered coffee shop created for our customers, friends and future solar owners to enjoy.

When you’re in the neighborhood we want you to stop by the Green Bean Cafe and have a free espresso drink on us!  We even roast our own fresh green beans on site every other day.  If there is something you like at another coffeeshop then have us make it for you.

Attention all of our existing SOLAR customers – We would love to either hear how you’re system is doing.  Stop by the Green Bean Cafe and have a drink.

Are you thinking about SOLAR for your home or business? – We would love to talk to you about getting solar.  Come see the real deal.  Our Green Bean Cafe has a “Solar Genius Bar” where you can ask all of your solar question and get them answered.  Right on the wall we have the actual running solar power system for our office and coffeeshop so you can see it operating.  We have various other inverters, solar panels, and an actual shingled roof so you can see how we mount the solar panels to the roof without leaks!

We have your favorite espressos, lattes, and frozen blended drinks in a variety of flavors.  We have hosted art shows, Instagram art shows, poetry slams, craft beer tastings, Louisiana Solar Energy Society monthly meetings, you name it.  Who knows what’s next?


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