Is solar still a good deal?

Is solar still a good deal?

“The end of solar”.  “Doom and gloom”.  “Net metering is over”.  Tax credits are gone”.  “No more grid-tie”

The answer is YES.  While these phrases have been used quite a bit lately lets look at the facts…

1. Solar is a very good deal now.  Solar is at the lowest price ever, dropping cost to 50% of what it was a few years ago.   Combined with the uncapped 26% federal tax credit equals not just a good deal, it’s more like a great deal.

2. The 26% Federal tax credit was extended, but not as an excuse to postpone your solar.  (This is currently a tax credit for residential or commercial solar, with no limit)

3.  The State tax credit in LA is over.   If you procrastinated I’m sorry, the legislature ended it.  The good news is that the prices have dropped more than the 50% they were giving!

4. Net-metering is still allowed in most places.  The utilities have convinced the PSC to let them credit excess power generated (over and above what you use), at wholesale cost, so if you use what you make there is no change.  If you make more than you can use you will get a little less than before.  (Small house with a big system)