View Live Systems

View Live Systems

You can view live systems here!  All of our solar power systems have local monitoring where you can see your solar energy production (daily and cumulative).  Some customers elect to have monitoring that can be viewed online as well.

Our SMA Grid-Tied inverters can be monitored online as long as there is internet accessible to the inverter.sma

View live systems here:   14.56kw GT    300kw GT

Any of our systems can be monitored (even down to the module level) when we add the TIGO maximizer system.

View here: 18.375kW GTBB     7.65kW GTBB  20kw GTBB

Click on one of the links to view systems with online monitoring and see them in action. Owners of these systems can conveniently monitor their energy production when they are at home or at work – anywhere they can get an Internet access. Call us today at 225-932-0035 to learn more about solar monitoring options.