1SB: Why GSS?

Why go with GSS’s 1 Solar Block Program?

  • GSS is the most experienced solar company in the Gulf South and has more NABCEP certified installers on staff than any other company in Louisiana.
  • We have the best prices.
    • Distributor, Factory Representative and Authorized Reseller for Solar World modules which produce more kW hours per Watt than any other major brand as confirmed by independent testing by Photon International.
    • Distributor and Authorized Reseller for Outback Power Systems, the leading designer in power electronics for renewable energy applications (such as inverters).
  • GSS also has a high rate of return customers. Nothing speaks higher for a solar installer than to have their customers come back for more.
  • Gulf South Solar uses only the best products, made here in the USA, and our prices can’t be beat. We also guarantee our work and back it up with unmatched service after the sale. It is our knowledge, experience and commitment to quality as well as our passion for solar that sets us apart from our competitors. We love what we do and it shows.
  • Other group purchasing programs in Louisiana do not allow you to choose a battery back-up option. GSS’s 1Solar Block program offers both Grid-tie and Grid-tie with battery back-up options. Gulf South Solar’s Outback Power Systems provide back-up power when the utilities fail.