Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should we go with Gulf South Solar?

A: Gulf South Solar has been in business since 2003 and has installed solar on more homes than any other installation company in Louisiana. We also had the 1st NABCEP Certified Installer in the state and currently have more NABCEP Certified installers on staff than any of our competitors in Louisiana. Our dedication to customer service and our love of solar sets us apart from our competitors. Our customers tell us that our passion for solar and our expertise is why they chose us – and why they continue to come back to us when they are ready to upgrade.

Q: Is 1Solar Block the same as other group purchasing organizations?

A: No. These group purchasing organizations are usually out-of-state groups that organize buyers in blocks of approximately 100 for solar installations. These groups take a commission off the top from any sales generated by the solar company they work with. Their sales programs also usually have a strict sign up and installation schedule. The ones we know about limit their customers to only grid-tie systems.

1 Solar Block is Gulf South Solar’s group buying promotion which allows our customers in groups of 5 or more in one geographic area to get a discount on a solar power system. Our customers have the flexibility of choosing when they wish to install – we do not force our customers to adhere to a strict schedule to participate. We also allow our customers to choose between grid tie and grid tie with battery back-up. We feel that it would be irresponsible of us to restrict our customers from the ability to have back-up power during outages – especially in Louisiana.

Q: What if I already got a quote from another solar group purchasing program?

A: If you got a quote from another group purchasing program for a grid-tie system, you can bring us a copy of your bid and we will beat it by 25 cents/watt. Or, you can get a grid-tie system with battery back-up for the same cost. Certain restrictions will apply.