1SB: How it Works

1Solar Block – How does it work?

  1. Interested homeowners organize roughly 10 or more of their neighbors interested in going solar in one subdivision or town.
  2. GSS will go out to the subdivision and give a presentation on how the program works. GSS will also answer all of your questions about solar.
  3. When at least 5 people decide they are serious about going solar and are ready to commit to the next step, GSS will provide detailed site surveys for 50% off the regular cost (a savings of $197.50 per household). Site surveys are not required to get a basic quote. They are designed for homeowners who have already decided to get solar installed on their homes and would like a detailed design and payback analysis (For more information on Site Surveys, click here)
  4. GSS will also consult with each homeowner individually to help them select their system type – “Grid Tied” or “Grid Tied with Battery Back-up”. Participants in the 1Solar Block purchasing program will qualify for wholesale pricing.
  5. Once at least 5 homeowners decide to purchase and have selected their solar package, each homeowner will be required to put down a 50% deposit on the cost of their individual systems. When the group’s order is in, GSS will professionally install these solar power systems! (Installs generally take 2-3 days each to complete)
  6. 1 Solar Block participants will start saving money on their electrical bills the moment their systems go online!