Residential Solar Installation

Residential Solar Installation

  • We will Lower your utility bills with solar
  • Solar is a Better return on investment than a bank
  • We can even give you Independence with solar
  • Our systems provide Back-up power during outages (with or without batteries!)
  • Our systems help you Conserve the environment with green power

How do I get started?

Have your electrical bills from the last 12 months handy and know which direction (North, South, East, or West)  your home faces. Please note that we size systems based on your energy needs, not the square footage of your home. Also, check out our systems page before you call to get an idea of what  type of system you are interested in.

Tax Credits to encourage you to get solar

Thanks to the Federal “30% Solar Tax Credit” and the state tax credits here in Louisiana, it is more affordable than ever to get a solar system installed on your home. Homeowners have the opportunity to receive a 30% tax credit from the Federal Government. To learn more, click here.  THEY WILL END.

Roof or ground, with or without batteries, we can design and install a system right for you.