Always the first solar question.  The answer is – we can estimate it based on some info we will request from you.  Let us. We are seeing some quick paybacks with top-of-the-line SolarWorld modules!


Probably nothing.  We have been providing our customers with a “No Money Down – Same As Cash” financing option which gives you OWNERSHIP of your solar power system with no maintenance fees or lease payments.

Here’s how it works:  No money out of your pocket for a year, which gives you time to get your Federal tax credit, AND a year of lower electric bills.  This option is no cost to you.


We install plain “Grid-tied” systems AND deluxe “Grid-tied” systems with “battery backup”.  You do not NEED batteries with your solar unless you WANT electricity around the clock when the power goes out.  Our systems with “battery backup” give you the best of both.  We can also bring you totally “Off the Grid” but be prepared for much larger expense and adjustments to your “On-Grid” life.  Ask us how.

***P.S. – We give you a “Secure Power” outlet that provides you emergency electricity during outages.  No other system does this!


We can estimate the cost of your system based on your kilowatts required per month, your shade, and what your roof looks like.  Send us 12 months of electric bills (or your current bill if you don’t save them) and your address and we’ll be glad to get you a free quote.


No.  We’ve done our homework and know through years of experience that SolarWorld solar panels (solar modules) are the best quality and produce more power per kilowatt than any other solar panel.  The best is that they are made here in the USA (Hillsboro, Oregon) and work best in our hot climate.

This is too good to be true.  How do I get started?

It’s real but we can’t promise that it will last much longer.  Act now.  Get started by sending us your address and electric bills and we’ll see if your home is right for solar.  Email:  Or call: 225-932-0035.  After we’ve reviewed your roof and your electric bills we can get you a quote or schedule an appointment for us to come by your home.  Thanks!

By the way…

We have been in the “SOLAR ONLY” business since 2003 (3x longer than the next company), we are Better Business Bureau rated A+, we are NABCEP certified solar installers (the first in LA), we are state licensed commercial contractors, bonded, insured, etc.