SolarCycle Team Arrives at Gulf South Solar

On the last leg of their round-the-world bicycle expedition promoting solar power and cycling, the UK’s SolarCycle team will stop in Baton Rouge

The Louisiana Solar Energy Society ( along with Gulf South Solar and Baton Rouge Advocates for Safe Streets (BRASS) invite you to the Gulf South Solar Training Center to meet the SolarCycle team. The team is currently on schedule to arrive in Baton Rouge approximately 4pm on January 13, 2010. The team is in constant contact with Gulf South Solar owner, Jeff Shaw giving him updates on their progress.

Susie Wheeldon, one of the 2 remaining riders of the SolarCycle team is on the final leg of an around the world trip to raise awareness of solar power. Susie is excited about the warm reception planned for her and her fellow cycler Jamie. The team contacted the Louisiana Solar Energy Society and was put in touch with Gulf South Solar for a “solar tune up” for their mobile electronics “solar charging station” that is mounted to their bikes. The solar charger keeps their GPS, cell phones and other electronics charged up while they trek across the globe.

* UPDATE: The SolarCycle Diaries *
– Nine month round-the-world cyclıng expedition promoting solar power – 

Susie Wheeldon and Jamie Vining, the two remaining members of the SolarCycle team, have begun the final leg of their round the world bicycle expedition. After a Christmas break in Austin, Texas the two are now on their way to Miami to complete their circumnavigation of the globe. At the end of January they will stop at the University of Florida to take part in a ‘SolarCycle’ week to raise awareness of solar power and encourage cycling.

Having crossed France, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, the Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China, the solar cyclists have already covered 12,000 miles and are due back in the UK on the 19th February.

Their route has taken them through the Sahara desert, over 4000m mountain passes, through sandstorms, blizzards and gale force winds. They have been blown off the road, chased by dogs, struck by frostbite, stung by bees and even encountered the plague. Often cycling over 100 miles a day, the trip has provided a rather unusual training for the Sebring 12 hour bicycle race they will enter before they return home.

“If there is one time to take up a 12 hour cycling challenge, it has got to be when you have pedaled 13,000 miles in the previous nine months – up hills, carrying everything you own!” said Jamie Vining.

Susie, Jamie and Iain Henderson, along with two support riders, were waved off from City Hall – London’s most prominent solar building – by the Mayor, Boris Johnson as well as sponsors and supporters, Nokia, G24 Innovations, SolarAid and members of the ‘We Support Solar’ petition. Their route has taken them past several solar projects as well as through many of the worlds deserts. They are highlighting the Desertec Concept – to use concentrating solar power to provide the world with a sustainable energy source.

The teams journey has been constantly relayed to followers on the SolarCycle website, courtesy of their solar panelled panniers – custom built by G24 Innovations – the Nokia XpressMusıc 5800 and the Nokia N96. Their progress and Jamie’s heart-rate is also being tracked in real-time using the Nokia Sports Tracker application.

To track the teams progress and follow their weekly blog and daily ‘Tweets’, please visit:  The SolarCycle Diaries support the Desertec Foundation, the ‘We Support Solar’ petition and Nokia’s Green Explorer. The expedition also aims to raise sponsorship for the UK charity, SolarAid.