HB858 and SB224 signed by Governor Jindal

Governor Jindal has signed into law HB858 and SB224 this week! HB858 is an extension of our current law and will now allow for 3rd party ownership to claim the 50% state tax credit. We are very excited to announce that HB858 has now been signed into law. Continue reading “HB858 and SB224 signed by Governor Jindal”

Louisiana Environmental Voter Day

Over 50 Environmental leaders from all over Louisiana came out to the Capital on Tuesday, May 26th to learn about important environmental legislation that is being considered by the Louisiana  House and Senate. Continue reading “Louisiana Environmental Voter Day”

LPB Covers Solar Bills at the Capital

Gulf South Solar, along with LSES went to the Capital on Tuesday to talk to lawmakers about a few of the many solar bills that have been submitted this session. While we were there, we were interviewed by LPB about the Solar Car Project and were asked our opinions on extending solar tax credits to businesses.

To view the interview, go to http://www.lpb.org/programs/swi/capitolbeat.html  and select “May 6th”. The solar segment is about 1/2 way through the 8 minute piece.

Solar Powered Car in Baton Rouge!

A team located in Buffalo, NY started a project called Solar Car Project.  They built a solar powered car to travel the globe, where the journey began in the Great Lakes area on June 12, 2008.  They travelled West to Oregon and Washington and up to Canada and in the Arctic Circle!

Continue reading “Solar Powered Car in Baton Rouge!”

House Bill No. 51 introduced

Regular Session, 2009

TAX/INCOME-CREDIT:  Increases the amount of the individual income tax credit for the installation of a wind or solar energy system and authorizes the credit to apply to systems installed on commercial property.
Continue reading “House Bill No. 51 introduced”

House Bill 32 Could Give Businesses a 50% Tax Credit for Solar

Homeowners across Louisiana who have purchase solar systems in 2008 are aware of the very generous Louisiana state tax credit and  the 30% federal tax credits available to them. Businesses however, are currently only able to claim the federal tax incentives. Continue reading “House Bill 32 Could Give Businesses a 50% Tax Credit for Solar”