The Buzz is now Battery Storage

The Buzz is now Battery Storage

It’s great to hear that the Buzz is now Battery Storage… especially since we’ve been doing it for 13 years!  I’ve always offered the latest storage technology for cutting edge customers, that includes tried and proven equipment.  I have personally beta tested and operated on my own home much of what we sell and install.  (I’m running GridZero currently)

See battery storage in action – The American Solar Energy Society ( and Louisiana Solar Energy Society ( sponsor annual solar tours where you can see solar in action.  This year, most of the homes on the Louisiana tour feature battery storage!

At Solar Power International 2015 we were able to check out Outback Power’s new EnergyCell Nano-Carbon Series batteries.  These batteries are designed to cycle more efficiently than anything else out there on the market and are 200 amp-hours each.    Outback Power even introduced a series of outdoor battery enclosures that could house up to 28.8 kWh of storage each.

The latest buzz was lithium batteries.  Since the “announcement” from Tesla back in May about their miracle batteries, all eyes have been on lithium.  Very noticeably at SPI was the absence of Tesla.  You would think if they had anything they would rent a booth and show it.  All we saw was a shell of one in another vendor’s booth insinuating their compatibility with Tesla.  As people slowly find out that Tesla is a while away from delivering their Powerwall, they find out that other manufacturers are already producing and delivering a parallel product.  In fact, we’ve already installed one that is 100% lithium, AC coupled to an Enphase system, and it works perfectly.

Outback Power already partnered with Sonnen-Batterie to create SKYBOX.  They have packages ready to go in the 4-16 kWh storage range.  This fits in nicely with about 90% of all of our customers’ needs.  Contact us for more information on a battery storage system that is right for you.