The Sky is Falling – The Sky is Falling – The 30% tariff

Well actually it isn’t.  The people that are pushing “The sky is falling” agenda are none other than the China influenced SEIA group.  True, if Chinese modules have tariffs applied to their import into the USA then their price will be slightly higher.  Please keep it in mind that it has already been proven that the Chinese module price is already subsidized down from the Chinese government in an effort to take down the USA manufacturing industry.

They essentially have.  The last few remaining USA manufacturers are crying “foul” for good reason.  It has been shown that cheap Chinese modules were being dumped cheaper than the raw materials needed for their manufacture which is an impossibility.  When the USA manufacturers couldn’t compete they closed down.

I am all for a GLOBAL ECONOMY that is played fairly, and when a country is not, it should be dealt with accordingly.  This short 4 year, tapering off tariff will help the USA manufacturing in the long run.  Don’t fall for the hype being spread by the Chinese manufacturers and their minions.

When in doubt, always follow the money trail.  It will lead you to the reason for what you are hearing.  The current administration was smart enough to do so and that is why we have a tariff.