Time to laugh – Are you too dumb for solar?

It’s time to laugh – Are you too dumb for solar?  You just may be.

Here are a list of possible clues that we’ve come up with over the years, in no particular order.

1. You’re looking at leasing your solar power system when you call.
2. You’re still using an “AOL” email address when you email us.
3. You’re asking if we can install solar on your mobile home.
4. You’re thinking a “mail-order” kit will save you money.
4a. You’re calling us for the other half of the stuff to make your kit work.
4b.  You’re begging us to make your “mail-order” kit work when you give up.
5. You’re calling to ask something so basic you could have Googled it.
6. You’re not a user of punctuation, paragraphs, or lower case in your emails.
7. You’re one of the calls to ask us if we heard of the new Tesla batteries.