20.58 kW Residential System- Calhoun, LA

  Due to high utility expenses, the customer’s primary reasons for installing solar on his West Monroe home was to lower his electric bill. He also wanted to be ready for power outages that were common from hurricanes and tropical storms. Gulf South Solar met both of the customer’s needs by installing a 20.58 kW grid tied battery backup system that offsets 91% of the customer’s energy usage.

This installation was unique in that it incorporated three Outback Radian inverters, making it now the largest residential GTBB system in the South.


Details: 20.58 kW Grid Tied Battery Backup, Installation completed May 2012

  • 84- SolarWorld SW245watt Modules
  • 3- Outback Radian 8000W Inverter
  • 24- Outback EnergyCell 2000RE Deep Cycle AGM 200 AmpH 12V Batteries
  • 1- Velux Solar Hot Water System, 80 gallon tank and 2 solar collectors