June 18, 2021

SolarWorld and Hailstorms

SolarWorld and Hailstorms (& Break-dancing)

Watch this short video on the worst hailstorm ever!  I was able to visit the factory in Hillsboro, OR, and perform the same test myself with 1″ hailstones at 250 MPH!!!  No damage at all to the SolarWorld Modules.

I personally got to fire my own hailstones at the SolarWorld modules to see how SolarWorld and Hailstorms get along.  I got the same results as the testing people got: 250 mph and no damage!   I also got to see a CAR PARKED on SolarWorld modules.  All solar modules are NOT created equal.  Period.

How do SolarWorld modules hold up to BREAK-DANCING?  If you wanted to hire a team of professional break-dancers to stomp on your solar modules would people think you were crazy?  That’s what SolarWorld did at their 2015 Dealer Conference.  Guess what?  Great show and no broken glass!

IMG_3830 11951619_10153136211653595_930562953343171056_osolarworld impact