Beware – Scammers Bearing Gifts

Beware – Scammers Bearing Gifts

It has been part of the official Louisiana Department of Revenue solar tax credit rules since 2008 when the solar tax credit started.  Yon may not take a tax credit on any inducements to purchase that you were given.

The original example given by LDR was vacations, cruises, merchandise, or anything of value.  This was very clear in the rules.

A new round of solar scammers are now offering $5000 back on a $25000 system , so that the system ends up being free.  The customer doesn’t realize that only $20000 of the purchase price is considered for the tax credit, so the credit is $10000.  If the customer does not claim the correct amount they can be charged with TAX FRAUD.  The Attorney Generals office is aware of the companies selling systems like this.

Don’t be tricked.  If it smells bad, it probably is.

Read more here from the Louisiana Department of Revenue: LDR rules on referrals