June 18, 2021

Solar Modules


18kw SolarWorld installation – GSS

Gulf South Solar is a Louisiana Distributor and Authorized Installer of SolarWorld modules and has been doing so since even before they were known as SolarWorld.   While now there are more module manufacturers than you could ever name (with most being from China) we chose Solarworld above all because SolarWorld modules are superior quality, high-efficiency modules made in USA.  SolarWorld modules have an industry-leading power tolerance of +/- 3%, backed by a 25-year power warranty.  Look up their history starting as ARCO, then Shell Solar, and you will see that they have been around longer than their warranty!

SolarWorld backs their product up with a 25-year POWER PRODUCTION GUARANTEE!!!
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 this is so important.  We have it and others don’t.

You can count on our selected manufacturer for years of reliable service. We also guarantee our work and back it up with unmatched service after the sale. It is our knowledge, experience, and commitment to quality as well as our passion for solar that sets us apart from our competitors. Call us at 225-932-0035 or email us today to find out how we can put solar to work for you!