June 18, 2021

Balance of System

“Balance of System” refers to the other pieces of equipment, beyond the modules, that complete your solar system.  Our packaged systems already include all of the proper equipment for the system. These items include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Charge Controllers
    • Charge controllers are used as a separate component in battery-based systems to ensure maximum power from the solar array and extend battery life. A charge controller senses the battery state of charge by monitoring its voltage.

      Overcharging will cause physical battery damage so a charge controller’s primary duty is to limit, and eventually shut off input as the battery approaches the full mark.

      Charge controllers are integral to grid-tied inverter electronics. Gulf South Solar recommends MPPT charge controllers to optimize your array output.

  • Batteries
    • Solar power system storage batteries are designed for long life, low maintenance, and deep cycling capacity.  Our systems that include batteries allow you to have backup power during grid outages.  With sealed gel batteries it has never been easier to have off-grid power.

      Whether your application requires batteries for extended outages like hurricanes or just the typical afternoon storms, Gulf South Solar distributes and installs the highest quality batteries available.

  • Battery Enclosures
    • Battery enclosures allow for the proper installation of batteries for either indoor or outdoor locations. They can be either metal or plastic, floor or wall-mounted depending on the situation.

      Let Gulf South Solar select the best battery enclosure for your system.

  • Inverters
    •  An inverter is used to convert the DC power produced by the solar modules into AC power which can then be used by your home or business. Gulf South Solar sells and installs inverters for grid-tied, off-grid, and hybrid systems.

      Grid-Tied:  This is where the inverter connects the solar power directly to the utility power to offset the power consumed by the customer.  Gulf South Solar carries only the best inverters by Outback Power Systems, SMA, and Enphase.

  • Mounts 
    • Solar modules are secured in place by specially designed brackets called solar mounts.  These systems, when designed properly can withstand the hurricane-force winds that we experience in the gulf south.  Mounting systems are available for roof, pole, and ground-mounted arrays. Depending on your unique situation, Gulf South Solar will determine which mounting style is best suited for you.  See below for examples of the three basic types of mounts.

Gulf South Solar uses only the best products, made here in the USA, and our prices can’t be beaten. We also guarantee our work and back it up with unmatched service after the sale. It is our knowledge, experience, and commitment to quality as well as our passion for solar that sets us apart from our competitors. Call or email us today to find out which system is the right option for your solar project!