June 18, 2021



“Hey Jeff-  got my Entergy bill today.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Compared to 1 year ago, our kWh avg per day went from 67.6 to 33.3 and our Ccf used went from 58 to 17!  THANKS!”
Baton Rouge,

“There are no areas of improvement. I have extremely high expectations. I worked with the crew myself, and was very impressed with their attention to detail, quality of workmanship, and desire to do things the ‘right’ way. No shortcuts. Great company; great products. Very professional, courteous, personable people offering high quality, high performing products… tough to beat that.”

“I liked all of the staff. They were very helpful and returned my phone calls immediately. The installers were nice, knowledgeable and did not like a mess. Everyone working on this project strove to satisfy my needs.”
New Orleans, LA

“I really appreciated their expertise with back-up batteries. They were the only contractor who did not actively discourage incorporating batteries, which was one of the main reasons I wanted to go solar. I think other contractors simply weren’t knowledgeable enough to do the job. My system with back-up batteries is superbly designed and worked like a charm during Hurricane Isaac. I’m glad I did not seriously consider going with anybody else. I never had such a great work crew to work on my home in any capacity. Very careful, considerate, and effective. Gulf South Solar not only has the expertise I wanted on the technical side of the installation, they are on top of all the administrative issues related to my solar investment, like the tax refunds, net metering policy, etc. I was always comfortable and confident when making decisions.”
Baton Rouge, LA

“I was satisfied with the thoughtfulness of workers both in the office and on the job site. The job site workers explained about each of the components as they were being installed. The site was cleaned up daily, and no damage was caused to areas being worked on.”
Baton Rouge, LA

“Our solar electricity installation experience was pleasant, because of the professionalism of the Gulf South Solar team.”
St. Martinville, LA

“People were very knowledgeable about the program. They were very professional and got things done on time. They explained things and everything is working well.”
Baton Rouge, LA

“Extremely professional and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions.”
Harahan, LA

“Again,  I wanted to tell you how refreshing it was to deal with someone like you.  This is how I try to treat my customers.  This has been a learning experience and a confirmation of how a professional company works.   You have earned my trust and referrals.  Thank you again.”
Baton Rouge, LA

“Actually had a outage yesterday during one of the thunderstorms. The battery backup kicked right in. I was even able to use my table saw during the outage. Great1″
New Orleans, LA

“We are most pleased with the entire program from financing to installation. Gulf South Solar made having the system installed very easy for the customer and has also made it very easy to apply for the tax credits.”
Baton Rouge, LA

“I would recommend Gulf South Solar to anybody else I talk to interested in solar panels. I was satisfied with GSS’ knowledge of the solar panels and what they could do for me and my family.”
Denham Springs, LA

“I have enjoyed showing our system to friends and neighbors. We have had nothing but the best feedback.”
Arnaudville, LA

“The entire team at my location were hard working and quick to resolve problems. They all did a nice job. I was also satisfied with the follow up and care they gave to helping you understand your system and how it functioned in relationship to the electric company for power and sell back.”
Alexandria, LA

“Thank you for all of your diligent work and for now having finished this large project.  I admire each of you for your work ethic and for your professionalism.”
Dr. Helm
Baton Rouge, LA

Our power went out Th/Fri night, and we are curious to know how long it was off and how much of the battery power was used. This is the third time our power has gone out since you installed our solar. The other two times were a few hours during the day, and our kids at their computers hardly noticed. We love the system!
Craig & Holly H.

“Just a quick note to let you know that the Entergy visit went well.  The ‘Net Meter’ was installed, so the PV system is fully functional.  On nice sunny days, I see ‘net outflow’ of about 50 Kwh.  Over night, our consumption (net inflow) runs about 15 Kwh.  Of course, we’re in a period of pleasantly cool days (no A/C) and comfortable nights (no heat), not to mention the clear sunny days.  The 35 Kwh ‘overproduction’ won’t continue for long, but it’s really neat to see the system working! ”
Grand Coteau, LA

“Since our 3.5 kw grid-tie system has been producing power for the last 6 months, our average electricity bill has been reduced by 25-30%. The most dramatic reduction came in December 2008, our Entergy electricity usage was down to 332 kwH, which in dollars was $35.  (Typically for the last 3 years in December it would be in the 1200-1300 kwH range.) And it’s totally quiet and trouble-free. Overall, the solar PV system and the solar water heater have performed great and we are very satisfied.”
Don & Norma C.
Baton Rouge, LA

My initial concern with Gulf South Solar was their ability to service my account given the sixty plus miles that separate my home and their business office. Very quickly, the staff at GSS put that concern to rest. Anytime I called with a question or concern – morning, noon or weekend – the response was immediate and with an obvious concern for my needs and satisfaction.
Jeff Shaw and his staff take what could be a complex and intimidating process and made it so easy. Justin was able to answer all of my electrical questions in a way that was easy to understand and with great patience. Jennifer took care of coordinating with local and state offices and with the utility company, taking care of applications and paperwork. The installers were super friendly and very consciences about making sure that equipment was installed correctly and that I was 100% satisfied with the quality of their work.
In all, I am very excited with my decision to have a solar system installed. Thank you Gulf South Solar for making it happen!!”
Ashton G.
Opelousas, LA

“Could not have been more pleased. GSS took care of every thing including interfacing with local governmental agencies & Entergy.”
Gwen & Ed
New Orleans, LA

“It was wonderful when I saw my meter going backwards!”
Gerald M.
Baton Rouge, LA

Training Testimonial:

“I had been interested in starting a business in the solar energy field for the past 2 years, without luck. Due to the lack of information or to much information in the web that would assist me taking the first steps. The Solar 101 Workshop is “ANCLA” for someone that really wants to make a career on the sustainable field. LSES workshop focus and direct you to understand the steps on this exciting venture.

I highly recommend entrepreneurs related to the field to attend this workshop. It’s a BLAST!!”
Andrés M.