June 18, 2021


Mini-Grid Instead of Grid-tie

Grid-tie solar power systems have gained popularity in America (and the Gulf South) in the last 10 years as a result of “Net Metering” legislation, state by state.  Now we are seeing “push back” from the utilities due to the rapid increase of solar installations.  If you hadn’t heard, Net Metering, has been blocked by several utilities already and more to come.  Grid-tie, as we know it, may end if the utilities get their way, and they usually do.  Depending where you are, you won’t be allowed to interconnect.

Gulf South Solar HAS THE SOLUTION!

Gulf South Solar and Outback Power are introducing “Mini-Grid“, the solution to minimizing dependence on the grid and ever-changing net-metering policies.

NO MORE NET-METERING!  We are now offering as an alternative to net-metering, “Mini-Grid” to all of our customers.
With our new Outback Power Radian inverters you will not need to:
1. Sign a net metering contract with the utility.
2. Pay a fee for the replacement of your meter.
3. Potentially get reduced credit on your bill for your solar power.
4. Be affected by policy changes at the capital or the Public Service Commission ever again.

Some of our customers will be encouraged to take this option, and we will show them how this is the solution for the future, that we are installing now. Go “Mini-Grid”!

UPDATE – Gulf South Solar’s owner Jeff Shaw installed one of these inverters in his home and has been living with the new system.  He reports: “Mini-Grid is the way to go for me.  I am trying to live an off-grid lifestyle with solar being my primary power source so this is what I want.  It’s nice that now I have the Grid backing me up instead of vice-versa”.

photo2“I monitor the ebb and flow of solar power into my system and my usage of harvested power.  I now have my essential circuits off-grid with my Mini-Grid so it doesn’t matter if the power goes out or not!  Only my non-essential circuits use grid power.  If I run short of power for my essential circuits the inverter draws power from the grid and adds it to the solar.  If I were living completely off-grid and used more power than I had planned for, my system would shut down until the sun came back up”.

“As I add more solar (or storage) I add more circuits to my Mini-Grid, which in turn lowers my bill even more.  I’m not “selling” my power, I’m using it all on site.  I can, and will increase my solar so that I may run even more off-grid, lowering my bill further, but more importantly, being more self-reliant now”.


photo1Getting to see it visually on the MATE 3 monitor adds another dimension to the Mini-Grid life.  Take a look at a screenshot of how the battery bank cycles.  The daily charge cycle is shown as well as the nightly discharge.  With the battery bank typically operating in the upper 20% of its capacity, its life will be greatly extended.

Contact us today to see if Mini-Grid is right for you!  Remember, we can reprogram it to off-grid, or grid-tied – battery backup if it isn’t right for you.