9.75 kW Residence- Baton Rouge, LA

The customer wanted to invest in a grid tied battery backup system, to not only lower the cost of utility bills, but also to power emergency loads during power outages from storms and hurricanes in Baton Rouge. Gulf South Solar designed and installed a system that no only powers emergency loads from the solar system and batteries, but have incorporated the customer’s existing portable generator to the system.

The customer’s 9.75 kW system offsets 88% of the customer’s energy use. This system is unique because we utilized “AC coupling” to extend the power of the 8 kW GTBB system at a lesser cost.

Details: 9.75 kW Grid Tied Battery Backup, Installation completed June 2012

  • 39- SolarWorld SW250watt Modules
  • 1- Outback Power Systems FLEXPOWER Two 7.2 kW Inverter
  • 1- SMA2000 HF
  • 12- Outback EnergyCell 200RE Deep Cycle AGM 200 AmpH 12V Batteries