7.2 kW Residential System – Harvey, LA

This customer decided to invest in a grid-tied with battery backup solar energy system to offset the majority of the home usage and also to power emergency loads during times of grid outage, particularly after hurricanes.  Their 7.2kW system will offset 60% of their energy use while their 8 kilowatt hour battery bank keeps their essential lighting, refrigerator, freezer, computers , fans and alarm system powered when the grid is down.

To maximize energy production, their system is enhanced with a Tigo Energy maximizer system. This feature allows them to harvest over 10% more energy from their system as well as have “module level monitoring” and module safety shutoff.


7.2 kW Grid Tied with Battery Backup, Installation Completed  December 2011
30 –  SolarWorld 245watt SunModule+
8 kWh Battery Reserve
7000watt  Inverter System by Schneider Electric
Tigo Energy Maximizer System