Green Statement

Green to the Core

Walking the Walk

Being “green” is not some passing fad for us. We always have been and always will be green to the core. From the products we sell and install to the way we do business, Gulf South Solar walks the walk.


Our office is set up with a modest solar powered system with a 3 kilowatt hybrid inverter. When you combine our conservation efforts with the energy efficiencies we have in place, this system is more than enough for our current needs. During Hurricane Gustav, we never lost power and our hybrid solar system was able to run the office on battery power until power was restored to the grid.


As part of our commitment to the environment, Gulf South Solar has partnered with The Recycling Foundation and started a recycling program for our office warehouse complex. Packing materials, cardboard, paper, cans and plastic bottles from our office and warehouse are all recycled. All applicable electronics are recycled through the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council, a local non-profit electronics recycling group. We also recycle all toner cartridges and refill them ourselves whenever possible.


By making small changes in our daily choices we have cut back drastically on our energy usage. By utilizing natural ventilation, we rarely need to turn on the heater or air conditioner – a feat in Southern Louisiana that is no small accomplishment.  We also make use of natural lighting and need only limited electrical lighting. To further reduce our energy usage, we use only laptop computers (which require less energy to run than standard desktop computers) from Dell which has a stringent environmental responsibility policy and computer recycling program.

Small changes, big impact:

¨ Switched to LED lighting on our trade show display

¨ Print our business cards on 100% post-consumer recycled paper

¨ Re-use back side of paper when printing drafts and communicate electronically to reduce paper usage

¨ Many employees live close to our office and can ride bikes to work when weather permits

We all live on this planet together

Gulf South Solar is passionate about environmental responsibility and is committed to being good stewards of this planet and its natural resources. Each day we base our choices on how it will affect the environment and continually look for new ways to conserve and utilize our resources in a more conscious, thoughtful and deliberate way.